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I forgot I even had one of these till a few days ago.

Well for the past month I have been living with my sister in IL. It's has been a really awesome experience so far. I have a week left before I come back home on the train.
Elijah, my nephew, is so cute! I have taken lots of pictures and mini movies. I had no idea what God had in store for me here. I have learned so much from Kristie, Josh, Josh’s parents, and their church. Their church is a really cool church it’s called North Love Baptist. I have met some really awesome people there.

One guy named Matt had such a great testimony and has left an impact on me. My first Sunday at Kristie’s church he was sitting next to Josh and after the service we started talking. At first it was just small talk. Then, out of the blue, he asked me if I knew where I was going when I die. I was shocked. Of course I answered heaven. He asked how I knew that and I said because Jesus Christ is my savior and He died for me sins. He asked how I was saved so I gave him my testimony. His testimony is when he was 17 years old he went to jail (he didn’t tell me why). His cell mate was saved and shared the gospel with him. It was in jail Matt became a Christian. A little while latter his dad got him out of jail. Back in November he was in a horrible car accident. He was in a comma for two months. He is now handicap in his right side. Matt is only 18 years old. Now he is on fire for God and wanting to live his life for fully for the Lord.

Can I ask you some questions?

Do you know where you are going to go when you die? If so where?
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If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

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So I have been extremely busy this whole week but it was so worth it! All last week was the mission conference. It was so awesome . .  .you have no idea I wish someday no I hope someday you guys will all be able to experience the things I do at my church. God is at work in my church and it's amazing to see. Thursday we had missionaries over for dinner. They were from South Africa in fact the dad grew up there because his parents were missionary there. It was such a God thing because I want to be a missionary to Africa. Really I'll go anywhere God wants me to be because I know that's where I'll be the safest and happiest but if I could choose I would go to Africa. Anyway Mr. Blackwell gave me some great advice: Be faithful in the little things right now. What’s really cool is that if it's God's will I might be able to go to South Africa and help them out for a summer before I go off to college. God is so awesome! Please keep Josh and Kristie in prayer Josh is having surgery in a few weeks.



May God be the joy of your day tomorrow

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So this past week has been really busy and really hard. God is working and I need to learn to sit back and trust Him.

School has been crazy I have a big project due monday and I don't really feel like I have enough time.

Please pray for my brother-in-law he just got back test results. He has a tumor on his kidney the size of a baseball and they are 95% sure it's cancerous. Kristie is still dealing with morning sickness and this sure won't help.

I'm really dissapointed Katie and I were supossed to go vist Kristie for thanksgiving but we can't go now. I really really really miss my big sister . . . you have no idea what it's like right now.

I feel really left out

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So today was my only day off. I went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned. Then I came home and moved my room around . . . again. This time I moved everything and got rid of my computer. I also took down all my pictures so my room seems so empty. I need new pictures so I can put them up in my on my walls.

I'm so sad I can't go to Stephanie's Birthday Party. I have to go visit my grandparents. Who I don't even know and Katie's not coming because she has to work. I don't mind going too much but I really wanted to go to the party. Oh well I guess God has reason for me going. Anyway when I get back Stephanie we'll have to hang out. Well it’s late and tomorrows the parents vs. teen football game should be fun.


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So I'm going to update with some pictures because I love pictures. They're from my mission trip so you guys won't know anyone.

The Colorado Mission Trip Collapse )


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So I decided to come back to livejournal. Xanaga is dead or at least feels like it plus livejournal is just so much more fun! lol

I miss everyone at SCS so much! I got to visit today. I needed some pictures for a project. It was great to see everyone again I wish I could have stayed longer but Katie wanted to leave.

I need to update my friends list on here.

I love my icon for this!

love ya'll

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So I decided I'm not going to do lj anymore. Stephanie’s livejournal was deleted for some unknown reason. I don't have any other friends except Kristin but she has a xanga and we talk everyday anyway. I'm going to be on xanga all the time now because all my church friends have a xanga even Pastor Josh has one! lol But yeah I will miss some of you. I don't know when I'll see some people ever again. I might not. If I don't I had a fun four years at SCS with ya'll. One of the years I wish to wipe out of my memory but I like the other three. Who knows maybe I'll end up seeing one of ya'll in college I don't know. But I'll post some pictures of some of the good times we had.


The nights are getting warm again.They've let you go, I let you go. To give up now just makes more sense. So this is my goodbye surprise.Collapse )</font></o:p>

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No one has updated so I don't see why I should update!

Quick little note I think I have finally crossed over that line of only having church friends . . . except Stephanie (love you!)

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I had so much fun last night!

I was bored so I decided to call people first I called Kristin we talk for a while hahaha. Then after her I called Kelli. Kelli came over and picked me up and we went back to her house. At first it was just Kelli, Katie, Ted, Lauren, Paige, and I but then Tiffany, Mike, Abbey, Val, and Andrew. We were playing blurt for a bit. haha that can be a fun game. Some people went down stairs but Kelli, Mike, Paige, Lauren, and I stayed up stair telling jokes. Don't know how we got on the topic of jokes but we did. After that we all went outside played basketball and jumped on the trampoline. Then Kelli took me home. It was fun night!

Today's going to be anther fun day. Kristin and I are going to hang out for a bit. Then who knows what. Tomorrows church and there's SNAC!

Funny moment:

I was telling a blonde joke and in the middle of it I started laughing . . . don't know why

Me: So she gets back in here car . . . hahahahahahahaha

Kelli and Mike: wow must be a really funny joke!

Me: hahaha ok I think it's the medicine!

haha once I finished the joke no one laughed . . .but me lol
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